Tips for Travelers Wanting to Stay Healthy

By Robert A. Rauch, CHA, General Manager, Hilton Garden Inn, San Diego/Del Mar

Staying healthy is difficult while traveling. All those germs on the plane, hard to stretch out in those seats, then it is running through airports, finding cars and hotels and getting comfortable in your home away from home. If you stay with us, we have a spa, “Stay Fit” kits delivered to your room, a general manager (me) who runs with his guests on request and also provides personal training sessions for those who want a workout, desire to lose weight or both. I’m also happy to have a healthy breakfast with my guests.

No, I am not a doctor nor am I a licensed personal trainer, but I am a Senior Olympic athlete. So come stay with us…I’d love to meet you and remember some of these tips from William Smith, MS, NSCA, CSCS, MEPS, author of Exercises for Heart Health to keep your heart in its top condition.

*Everything in moderation. Too many indulgences can result in conditions such as abnormal blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and low HDL cholesterol.  Studies suggest that problems such as high-normal blood pressure, high levels of “bad” cholesterol, and low levels of “good” cholesterol will place an individual at risk for developing cardiovascular disease.  Smoking is the most dangerous risk factor, and should be stopped completely.

*Stay in touch with your primary care provider. Regular check-ups can prevent future emergencies, which can be not only traumatic, but expensive.  Give your body the care it needs.

*Move your body every day. Preventative health and attention to fitness can lengthen your life-span, enhance your quality of life, and reduce your risk factors of developing a particular disease or condition.

*Reduce stress. Try calming activities such as journaling, meditation, or simply moving to a quiet area for a few minutes.  According to Judith H. Lichtman of Yal University’s School of Public Health, “You can’t treat the heart in isolation from the patient’s mental health.”  This includes depression as well.

*Practice portion control. Also, be sure to get enough good fats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fiber, protein, and water. Stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, San Diego/Del Mar. Okay, he did not mention that last sentence!


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