Social media inspires hotel design

from HotelNewsNow (Oct 11, 2013):
…“Every angle, detail and element of the hotel was looked at through the prism of an Instagram photograph,” said Robert A. Rauch, president of San Diego-based hospitality management and consultancy group R. A. Rauch & Associates…Rauch is interested in the link between marketing and social media-inspired design. “Clever hoteliers are already incorporating social media into the design of hotels to attract, engage and retain guests. This leveraging of social media platforms, already in widespread use by consumers, enables differentiation in an ever-tightening market. And the use of social media makes the guests a continual part of the marketing of the property,” he said. “What is particularly compelling about such an approach is its authenticity,” Rauch continued. “Consumers have near unlimited access to information to make a destination selection. What better strategy than to have a constant stream of posts and stunning photography directly from them in near real time?”

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