San Diego’s Perfect Hotel Guest Experience

What should a traveler to San Diego expect when visiting? During the guest experience, a “home away from home” feel should be clear…

We hope they receive a warm welcome from anyone they touch prior to arriving at one of our hotels, however, that might be a bit out of our control. A nice flight with pleasant flight attendants, great rental car agents, great taxi drivers…that is a city-wide goal for the “Wow San Diego Experience” but again, a bit outside of our control.

A hotel guest should expect an accurate reservation, warm smile, suggestions on what to do if appropriate and a smooth check-in. Upon entering the guest room, it should be spotlessly clean, have up-to-date amenities such as HDTV, Hi-Speed Internet, a comfortable bed, good lighting, comfortable chairs and a well appointed room and bathroom. All services should be clearly explained in a guest service directory and all information requested via phone or at the desk should be prompt, courteous and accurate.

When dining in a restaurant, a warm welcome followed by an offer of beverage and a determination by the staff as to whether or not the guest(s) are looking to have a leisurely dining experience or a quick bite will often kick the meal off on the right foot. A well thought out menu that offers value, great tasting food, great service and great atmosphere is the goal. Moreover, team members must always keep a watchful eye over guests to ensure that any additional needs are accommodated.

If the guest desires to visit an attraction, spa or other activity, the hotel staff should provide everything from directions, information, helpful hints and any discount coupons that might be available. As an example, a guest wishing information on SeaWorld should find out what activities are best for their family based on age of kids, etc. In a perfect world, each activity desired is nearby and if not, the staff assists in providing helpful directions as well as any specials being offered.

During the guest experience, a “home away from home” feel should be clear…a trip to the front desk to inquire about directions should be a pleasant experience at all times of the day. Help from any hotel or restaurant associate should be easy to find at all times. And, should the need arise for a manager, one should always be available.

Yes, San Diego has a great climate and it would be wonderful if each and every guest had perfect weather each day. While that is usually the case, it is just a bit out of our control. Lastly, when our guest leaves, we want them to tell people how wonderful their stay was…and that they would love to return!


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