RAR Hospitality touts industry expertise

The banter and jokes that revolve around wives telling husbands what to do are well known.

But heeding a suggestion from his bride created serious business success for Bob Rauch, the founder and CEO of RAR Hospitality,  his Phoenix-based hotel ownership, managing and consulting firm.

Rauch was living in Phoenix when he met his wife, Linda, in San Diego in 1988. He was working for Deloitte, managing its hospitality consulting practice. Rauch was trying to get Deloitte to transfer him to San Diego but was unsuccessful. Linda, a pension planner who assists Rauch with RAR’s marketing, had a possible solution.

“Why don’t you start your own company?” Rauch said of his wife’s idea.

He did. In 1990 , Rauch launched RAR as a hotel-consulting firm and gained a client list that included the Tempe Mission Palms and the Hotel San Carlos. It was named RA Rauch and Associates at the time.

He was both employer and employee of a company of one. To grow the company, Rauch slowly hired others to help staff offices in San Diego and Phoenix.

In 1997, with his wife’s encouragement, Rauch purchased his first hotel. This would be one of many he would buy and sell over the years. But the initial plunge took some creative accounting and financial help from family members who were willing to loan them some cash.

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