Hotels seek the key to millennials

from the Houston Chronicle (January 24, 2014):

When renovating and building, hotels should design with the younger demographic in mind or risk being left behind in five to 10 years, said Bob Rauch, a San Diego-based hotel operator who manages properties around North America.

“In the development of new hotels, there is clearly a focus on millennials,” he said.

Rauch said the baby boomers’ wants and needs have dominated the hotel industry for 30 years, but the millennials are quickly becoming more important. In addition to contemporary social spaces in the lobby, he said, trendy bistro-style restaurants with wines and brewpub-quality beers and a tapas menu also appeal to this set.

He said the majority of airlines, hotels and travel companies will stand to benefit from this sector as they enter into their peak earning, spending and travel years.

“Internet bloggers, culture buffs, LGBT and multigenerational travelers all looking for a unique, novel experience will command change within the market,” Rauch said.

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